Buying Fixed price NFT

Buying a Fixed-Price NFT

You can begin the process to buy a fixed-price NFT from a few different area on the site.

  • While looking at a single collection

  • While exploring all NFTs

  • While looking at the NFT directly

  1. You can start the process by clicking “Buy”.

  1. Once you have clicked on "Buy", a modal will appear. You should check the box of your favorable edition to continue.

  1. If you haven’t enabled WETH spending and have selected to use WETH as a payment currency, you will need to do this the first time you purchase an NFT with WETH on 2R2. A transaction will prompt you in your wallet, confirm this transaction to continue.

  2. Lastly, you will be prompted to confirm the purchase in your wallet. Confirm this transaction to finalize the purchase of your new NFT.

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