Collector Reward

What is Collecting?

When you purchase an NFT on 2R2, you have the opportunity to earn collector rewards. These rewards are accumulated for the artist based on the amount of RP that is voted for the artist's NFT. If you purchase the artist's NFT, you can claim the accumulated collector rewards. The amount of rewards you receive will be determined by the amount of RP voted for the NFT, the amount of time elapsed since the purchase, and a variable factor. Join us on 2R2's cutting-edge NFT marketplace and discover the exciting world of NFTs today!

Collector Reward Formula

CR(CollectorReward)=TotalVote2W2TTCR(Collector Reward)= TotalVote2*W2*TT
  • TotalVote2 = Total vote of Artist’s whole artwork

  • W2 = Weight

  • TT = Time since Last Transaction

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