Holding Reward


What is Holding?

Holding an artist’s work for a long time indirectly contributes to the NFT ART ecosystem as the floor price steadily uprises.

At 2R2, we do not take holding NFTs for granted and wanted to return these positive vibes to the ecosystem contributors.

A collector can gain passive income when owning the NFT purchased within the 2R2 protocol. The longer you HODL to the NFT, the more you earn.

Holding Reward Formula

HR(HoldingReward)=APW3HP1ETHCTLT,if CT<LT,HR(Holding Reward) = \frac{AP*W3*HP}{1ETH}*\frac{CT}{LT},\quad if\ CT<LT,
HR(HoldingReward)=APW3HP1ETH1,if CTLT.HR(HoldingReward) = \frac{AP*W3*HP}{1ETH}*1,\quad if\ CT \geqq LT.
  • AP = Artwork Price

  • W3 = Weight

  • HP = Holding Period

  • CT = Curent Transaction

  • LT = Last Transaction

How do I get them?

Simply hold on to your NFT and enjoy your RP yields over time.

You can check your RP gains here

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